What we do

We organize French-learning sessions for children (kindergarten to grade 8). Our virtual sessions provide children with an opportunity to keep their language alive and vibrant. Meetings consist of around 10 students. We believe that group conversations are beneficial to every student. We are motivated to create more interactive sessions after we determine the parents’ preferences.

Our Virtual Services

French Conversation Circle
(Beginner & Intermediate Levels)

We conduct live conversation sessions for children to practice the French language. We have created a French educational learning environment for children. Our bilingual volunteers have been working consistently to encourage children to use their linguistic abilities as much as possible. The more they speak, the more progress they make.

French Reading Club
(Beginner & Intermediate Levels)

Our reading club will help children improve pronunciation and fluency by encouraging them to read texts aloud. So, be ready for this exciting opportunity to be enthralled by amusing French texts and fascinating stories told by our enthusiastic volunteer readers. We are also creating reading resources that are shared on our YouTube channel and in our Facebook group.

Summer Camp

During the outbreak, we organized a virtual summer camp. We designed different fun activities for children, such as reading sessions, writing workshops, science experiments, etc.

Special Events

We are delighted to celebrate various special events such as Journée Internationale de la Francophonie, Marathon de lecture, Halloween and cultural traditions. Our goal is inclusivity and children’s participation.